This is the online supplement to the exhibition "Nick Cave: Spot On" that opened in the Ruffin Gallery in Spring 2020. Due to COVID-19, the exhibition has been translated to this virtual format.

The exhibition is in conjunction with Nick Cave's tenure as the 2019-2020 Distinguished Artist-in-Residence in the Studio Art Department at the University of Virginia. Cave's exhibition was in conjunction with a student workshop he led, which was, unfortunately, cut short.

“We designed a collaborative lab-style workshop for an incredible group of disciplined, diverse artists, based on the prompt of "20/20" read front to back, back to front or upside down. A wide open idea stimulator that would force deep collaboration from all in each maker group. I can only imagine how these projects may have manifested if were still able to convene together. Surely we would be in for enlightenment. And, as a compliment to the workshop, I presented several of my own films that could never have come to be without collaboration with other artists, performers, designers, sound technicians and filmmakers. In this space I am dropping off a cultural stimulus of sorts—for these students, but for all of you as well.”
— Nick Cave

Please use the arrows to navigate and meditate between the video works. This exhibition is best experienced on a desktop format. Click here to view images of the exhibition in physical space.